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Misty Morning 0

So many projects!

Life has gotten crazy. We are within 5 to 6 weeks of moving into our new home! We continue to work on packing things up we want to take to our new place and...

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M42 Orion Nebula 0

Can’t buy a clear sky.

I think I can count on one hand the number of clear nights we have had since mid-November. Several of those were during periods of a full moon which make deep sky photography nearly...

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Bob Burridge 0

Art of the Carolinas Road Trip

I got to accomplish one of the items on my bucket list this past November. I signed up and drove to Art of the Carolinas in Raleigh, NC for a 4 day art expo...

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Drywall Screws 0

From a different perspective.

One of the neat things about working in Macro, is that it gives you a totally different perspective of commonly seen objects. In this photo the subject is a group of ordinary drywall screws....

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Amaryllis Macro 0

Amaryllis – Macro fun!

One of the many great subjects for macro photography is flowers. As stated in my last post, one of the challenges in macro photography is dealing with the extremely shallow depth of field. It’s...

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Kiwi’s aren’t just for eating.

I love photography. There are so many types or areas to work in, from the super close-ups of the macro to the ultra far away worlds of astrophotography. Each area presents its own set...

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Front of Carriage house 2

The Carriage House completion is within sight

I have to confess, I’ve done a poor job keeping up with the blog posts in the last month or so. There seems to always be something more important that needs done. With that...

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Carriage House 2

Framing the Carriage House

It has been an incredibly busy month. First, the art festival season is upon us. Last week we set-up at the Worthington Ohio Art Festival, and this week it’s the Easton Town Center Art...

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