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Have you ever found something you’ve been looking for at a time when you weren’t looking for it? It happened to me several weeks ago. I was reading an article on Forbes where they had ask several well known business people what they would do with an extra $100. One of the responses was to invest it buying books to further educate yourself and it made a couple of recommendations. I clicked on the link that took me to Amazon and the list of books. None of those appeared all that interesting, but down at the bottom where it says “people who looked at these also looked at these” I found it. Scott Fox’s “Click Millionaires”

I’ve long thought that the internet offered great opportunities to build businesses that could generate permanent recurring income. I’ve read many books that supported my thoughts but they never really did a good job, in my mind, as to how to go about it. They seemed to offer just so many pieces parts and no real glue, yet I saw others doing it.  For whatever reason reading Scott’s book really started the thought train running again. As I read through the book I found it to really connect the dots for me as to how the system worked as a whole. Scott does a great job of walking you through the process of determining what you want from your business, to creating and implementing a plan to get your there. I found his writing style exciting and easy to read. I found the book difficult to put down. I would highly recommend it! I bought my copy here Click Millionaires on Amazon where they offer a free preview.

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  1. Looks like you have found just what you need. It is amazing to me, what there is out there if one takes the time to look. Time consuming, but well worth it.

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