Framing the Carriage House

Carriage House

It has been an incredibly busy month. First, the art festival season is upon us. Last week we set-up at the Worthington Ohio Art Festival, and this week it’s the Easton Town Center Art Festival for 3 days. In between I’ve managed to find time to sling 13 yards of mulch, mow the yard about every three days and keep up with the cutting board business. Kathy has been busy going through each room of the house getting rid of items no longer needed as we prepare to get this house ready for the market, all the while getting her artwork ready for the shows. We have folks ask us all the time, knowing we are working artists, how are we enjoying retirement. We just politely smile, but that’s a topic we’ll save for another blog post!
1st Floor The big news this month is the Carriage house is now framed and the floor is poured. This past Thursday the shingles were installed on the roof. We are getting excited. This is going to be our new studio spaces. Each floor is about 900 sqft. My space is on the first floor and Kathy’s on the second. I’m just a bit jealous as her space has a 8′ x 12′ deck off the back up in the trees. She calls it her “Crow’s Nest” Her plans are to paint there at times. My guess is it will be used as a place to relax and gather her thoughts and inspiration. Hopefully I’ll get invited out on occasion for a cup of coffee.
EastsideThe windows are scheduled for next week. Once those are installed they will begin to install all the mechanical’s, duct work for heating and AC, electrical wiring, rough plumbing etc. The week after next the siding is scheduled to be installed. We are using Hardie Plank and the color is timber bark which is a medium dark brown. The trim color is an antique white. Our goal is to have both buildings blend into the wooded setting. I hope to post another update next week sometime. We do have a week off from the art shows. Kathy’s next show is in Westerville in two weeks.
Current Home In the mean time, if you know of anyone looking for a beautiful home in the Granville school system please send them our way. Please feel free to comment below because we’d love to hear from you and know what you think!

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2 Responses

  1. Good for you two. We aren’t near as energetic as you anymore (our minds want to but but the body protests). It is wonderful to have working space custom built. A dream for most of us. Hope to see you both again sometime. Congratulations! Excuse the website …..needs work

    • Tony says:

      Thanks Irma. It seems some days we aren’t as energetic either. We are excited about having our new spaces, it’s something we have been planning for sometime now. It’s definitely fun seeing it take shape.

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