Amaryllis – Macro fun!

Amaryllis Macro

One of the many great subjects for macro photography is flowers. As stated in my last post, one of the challenges in macro photography is dealing with the extremely shallow depth of field. It’s very evident in this shot. The distance between the Anthers and the Ovule is only and inch or so yet at f/16 its not possible to keep both in focus. This can be used in the composition to create an interesting effect in the background caused by the lens called bokeh. Here the background is very blurred but you are still able to recognise the subject.

This image was shot with a Canon 80D camera using a Canon 50mm f/2.5 macro lens attached to a 21mm extension tube. The lighting used was natural. Settings were: iso100 f/16 8sec exposure. Post processing done in Adobe LR and Photoshop 2017 CC.
Amaryllis Macro

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