Kiwi’s aren’t just for eating.

I love photography. There are so many types or areas to work in, from the super close-ups of the macro to the ultra far away worlds of astrophotography. Each area presents its own set of unique problems and challenges to overcome.

Today’s shot comes from the macro world. Usually the biggest challenge when shooting macro is the extremely shallow DOF or depth of field, many times only a fraction of an inch. With this image, that isn’t really an issue. The subject, a slice of Kiwi, is only approximately a 1/16″ thick so everything is easily in focus at f/8 or smaller.

The image is taken with a Canon 80D camera using a Canon 50mm f/2.5 Macro lens and a 21mm extension tube attached. The settings were iso200, f/16, at 1/40sec. The kiwi slice was backlit with a Utilitech 16 watt LED shop light covered with two layers of drafting Vellum to diffuse the light. The Kiwi was placed on a plate of glass over the light. Image post processing was done in Adobe LR and Photoshop 2017 CC.

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