Honey Run Falls near Howard Ohio

Honey Run Falls

A trip to Honey Run Falls

Yesterday we decided to take a short day trip to photograph a local waterfall known as the Honey Run Falls. Honey Run Falls is located in Knox County Ohio near the town of Howard. It’s approximately 65 miles east northeast of Columbus. The falls are one of Central Ohio’s larger falls at a height of about 25 feet. The falls are nestled in a lovely wooded/rocky setting that is easily accessible from the parking lot via a groomed trail. The park also offers other hiking trails thru the approximately 350 acre location. You can read more about the park on it’s website located here: Honey Run Park

Honey Run Falls
The Photo

The weather and lighting worked out fairly well for taking photos. I took this image of Honey Run Falls using  a Canon 80D with a Sigma 17-50mm lens. I bracketed many shots and picked this one as the best of the lot. The settings used were iso100, f22, and an exposure time of .8sec. All of the  post processing was done using Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. You can click on the image to see it in a larger size in a new browser window.

A Brief Observation

I like to keep my posts very positive but I have to make a brief observation. I’ve never understood the fascination with the “selfie” thing, but I can put that aside and figure others enjoy it. I must say, I was rather shocked at the lack of awareness of those taking selfies of their surroundings. Dozens of people climbing on the falls taking selfies then lounging about having a smoke, yelling at their friends standing in front of the falls like they owned to place. Meanwhile, a half a dozen photographers were standing well back as to not block the view of others and had driven who knows how long to photograph the falls  waited patiently for these folks to vacate so they could get a shot of this lovely bit of nature. I found it rather rude. OK there I said it so rant off.

In Closing

After taking several nice photographs of Honey Run Falls Kathy and I continued our trip up St Rt 62 to the small town of Millersburg for a bite of lunch at a local diner. The drive itself is a lovely way to spend some time enjoying the beautiful Amish  countryside, and is highly recommended. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures and seeing the images. As always, we would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment below! Until next time enjoy being “Turf Side Up”.

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