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Kiwi’s aren’t just for eating.

I love photography. There are so many types or areas to work in, from the super close-ups of the macro to the ultra far away worlds of astrophotography. Each area presents its own set...

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Front of Carriage house 2

The Carriage House completion is within sight

I have to confess, I’ve done a poor job keeping up with the blog posts in the last month or so. There seems to always be something more important that needs done. With that...

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Carriage House 2

Framing the Carriage House

It has been an incredibly busy month. First, the art festival season is upon us. Last week we set-up at the Worthington Ohio Art Festival, and this week it’s the Easton Town Center Art...

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Footer Approval 2

Officially ground has been broken

The lot has been cleared, and the total project staked out. The construction driveway and culvert are in place. Then the wait began. The local agency’s all have to do their thing. Zoning permits,...

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Click Millionaires 2

Building a Lifestyle Business

Have you ever found something you’ve been looking for at a time when you weren’t looking for it? It happened to me several weeks ago. I was reading an article on Forbes where they...

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Ground Breaking 1

May is shaping up to be an exciting month!

May has come in with a bang!! All kinds of exciting things going on that we’ll be sharing over the next 30 days, starting with an up-coming trip to Chicago. We’re staying at The Mile...

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Great healthy dinner 0

Great dinner idea!

I just made dinner for Tony and I. It came out really well and was very healthy. My version was gluten and dairy free but not vegan as I added about 3.4 ounces of...

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