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Building a Lifestyle Business

Have you ever found something you’ve been looking for at a time when you weren’t looking for it? It happened to me several weeks ago. I was reading an article on Forbes where they...

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Chicago Skyline 2

Chicago trip highlights

Tony and I had a wonderful time on our recent trip to Chicago to visit my daughters. We love staying at the MileNorth Hotel on Superior Avenue. It is just off of Michigan Avenue...

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Navy Pier 0

Cocktails and Dinner in Chicago

This past weekend Kathy and I drove to Chicago for a long weekend to visit her daughters. Chicago is one of our favorite places to visit. There seems to always be something new and...

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Ground Breaking 1

May is shaping up to be an exciting month!

May has come in with a bang!! All kinds of exciting things going on that we’ll be sharing over the next 30 days, starting with an up-coming trip to Chicago. We’re staying at The Mile...

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Great healthy dinner 0

Great dinner idea!

I just made dinner for Tony and I. It came out really well and was very healthy. My version was gluten and dairy free but not vegan as I added about 3.4 ounces of...

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breakfast 1

Must Try Recipes of the Week

Welcome to the “Must Try Recipes” where we feature my 5 favorite recipes found on the web. This week I’ve found a healthy Mac & Cheese dish, 3 wonderful shrimp dishes, and a refreshing...

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Veggies 0

Ever heard of the Crunch Effect?

Ever heard of the “crunch effect”? I have read many times that eating while watching TV, listening to music, or any other distracting activity wasn’t a good idea. I assumed, and it made sense...

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And so we begin

Ever get a wild hair and decide to run with it? Well, that is what’s happening here. Kathy and I were sitting our on the front porch of an evening enjoying the fresh air,...

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